Let's Jam!

Let's Jam! Grow it, then learn how to stow it with Let's Jam!- Preserving Your Favorite Tastes. Learn the art of food preservation and how a hot water canner works to make and preserve jam and easy pickles, and "can" produce like peaches, pears and tomatoes. Learn the right way to freeze produce and cooked dishes to savor all year long. Deborah's jams, pickles, tomato and apple sauces and organic garden-fresh soups are legendary. Yours can be too!

Classes can include, depending on length of presentation:

  • Hot water canning - what does that mean? Can I do this without killing myself?
  • Jam baby jam! It's fun and delicious!
  • You'll pick a pecka easy fresh-pack pickles and peppers - mmm boy...
  • Keep those fresh tomatoes keepin' on - whole, stewed, or saucy
  • Preserve peaches and pears
  • Make applesauce, and cut time and elbow grease using a food grinder - it's easy!
  • Freeze and dry correctly and get some easy and delicious recipes for the freezer
  • The best part - participants can take home some of what they make in class!

Some important things to know:

  • A 90-minute presentation on the science of hot water canning and how to make fresh jam and easy pickles is $375, and includes all class supplies so everyone can take home goodies made in class. This option is only available for Chester County and requires a two-burner kitchen with a little elbow room and a sink. Participant limit: 15
  • A demonstration explaining hot water canning and showing the canning equipment and how to use it, but without actually making the food products, is also available for all areas. No limit on number of participants.

A basket of organic plenty from Deb's garden.
A basket of organic plenty from Deb's garden.

Participant Feedback

"Great class! A lifetime of knowledge over a short time period. The presenter is experienced from hands-on application and research and knows all the dirty truths about gardening! Well worth it!"
- Barbara St. Germaine, Chester County municipal employee

"Deborah's programs are always very popular with the public. They are entertaining as well as informative. She is knowledgeable and witty, and I'm not sure which people like best – the content or her personality. I think it's close!"
- Pam Marquette, Program Coordinator for the Chester County Library and District Center

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