Class Information

Sessions are fun, educational, engaging, chronologically follow the natural rhythms of the growing season, and have the information to get anyone excited to get outside, get dirty, and get growing!

Some examples of Let's Get Dirty! topics:

  • Organic...Local...Natural...Huh? Figuring out the terms
  • What to plant and when - cool and warm weather crops
  • Heirloom vs. hybrid - don't miss this match because the differences matter
  • Why and how to start seeds indoors and transplanting your seedling "babies" outside
  • Container Gardening for small spaces
  • Keep your Garden Friends close - put beneficial creatures and insects to work
  • Raised beds - to know 'em is to love 'em
  • Composting - there's Black Gold in them thar leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps
  • Fall and winter gardening
  • and so much more...

Custom designed series can be created according to needs and interests. For employee wellness programs, a six-session series gives a terrific working knowledge to get people started and thriving on healthy habits of organic growing. For more engagement as the year goes on, the series can be extended to up to nine monthly sessions.

For some example pre-built classes, check this page.

Need a Gardening Coach for getting started or keeping on track?

Please contact Deborah to discuss your needs.


Sessions and workshops for employee wellness programs, schools, and organizations:

  • A one-time fifty-five-minute session offers a basic overview with time for questions afterward as an option.
  • An extended one-day session of two to three hours explores more details about several topics.
  • A yearly Wellness Program Series, comprised of 4 to 9 hour-long sessions, really digs into the material and is excellent for long-term attendee engagement and follow-up.

Fee for a 60-minute session (plus time allowed afterwards for questions):

  • Corporate/business venues: $325
  • Adjusted rates for non-profit organizations and groups
  • 5% discount for a four-or-more-session series

Please contact Deb Kates for an appraisal or for more information:
Phone: (610)-384-2535

A basket of organic plenty from Deb's garden.
A basket of organic plenty from Deb's garden.

Participant Feedback

"Great class! A lifetime of knowledge over a short time period. The presenter is experienced from hands-on application and research and knows all the dirty truths about gardening! Well worth it!"
- Barbara St. Germaine, Chester County municipal employee

"Deborah's programs are always very popular with the public. They are entertaining as well as informative. She is knowledgeable and witty, and I'm not sure which people like best – the content or her personality. I think it's close!"
- Pam Marquette, Program Coordinator for the Chester County Library and District Center

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